Steak and Chicken Liver Meat Balls

Steak and Chicken Liver Meat Balls

Meat Balls with Chicken Liver – this actually tastes better than it sounds, please give it a try. We are using chicken liver because of its complete amino acid profile, including all 9 essential amino acids, which are those that your body cannot produce. It also contains large amounts of many of these amino acids.

A 100g serving of pan-fried chicken liver contains 172 calories, more than 100 of which come from protein. One serving of chicken liver contains 25.8g of protein, which provides more than 40 percent of the DRI for protein.

One serving of chicken liver provides over 100 percent of the minimum daily requirement for phenylalanine. Phenylalanine assists in the production of dopamine and norepinephrine, which are neurotransmitters that affect mood and memory. One serving of chicken liver also provides more than 50 percent of the requirement for all other essential amino acids. Ref


700 gr Premium Mince, from the butcher

250gr Chicken Livers, chopped fine. These give a nice creamy taste

1 Large Onion chopped and browned in olive oil

4 cloves garlic browned in with the onion

2 tspn Dried Onion Flakes

1 tspn Ground Cloves

1 tspn Ground Turmeric (anti-inflammatory)

2 tsp Currie Powder

1 Shake of Cayenne Pepper (helps to absorb nutrients better)

2 dessert sp Coconut Flour

2 Eggs


Mix all of the above together

Roll into medium size balls, roll in some coconut flour and put into a container.

Put in the fridge for one hour to set. If there are too many, put the excess in the freezer for another day – always good to have on hand when your littlies have a fall or some drama (and its an easy meal then).

Cook – there are several ways…

Simplest is in a shallow amount of coconut oil in a pan. Takes about 10 mins. Put in the pan, turn when brown on one side, cook on the other side, serve with 3 x more vegies/salad than the meat balls.

More nutritious is boiling them in Chicken Stock, which is very tasty, or
boiling them in a Potassium Broth:

In a medium saucepan, add one large potato, 1 carrot, a large hand-ful of your celery heads diced and 1 litre of water. Bring to the boil and let simmer for 5 mins. While this is cooking, chop up some broccoli, corn and radish to cook in the broth with the meat balls.

When the potato and carrot are cooked, drain the ingredients off, keeping the broth in another saucepan. Bring to the boil, add in your vegies and some meat balls and cook – may take 5 mins. Cut a meat ball open to test. Serve and eat.

Remember with your serves – 3 meat balls is probably the size of you palm, which is a correct serving of protein. Then you need 3 handfuls of veg to go with that to make is more nutritious and alkalizing neutral.