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Your appointment – what to expect?

Everyone is Unique. Five people may come in with the same symptoms, however, their treatment can vary quite a lot. It depends on how the symptoms have manifested and what you are prepared to do. Likewise this will help tailor the journey for you.

First of all we consult where you tell me about yourself. As a result of what information is presented, certain tests may be undertaken. Consequently this will give a scenario of how to devise a plan just for you. This will certainly be measurable and be able to fit in for you.

For example: If you need to detox, you may be given supplements. These support you during healing to alleviate making the symptoms worse, support the detoxification process that has previously been blocked and improve energy.
If we are doing Gut healing, certain supplements are given to clean up overgrowth of pathogenic bacteria that may be causing upsets. You may also be given techniques and supplements to improve other blockages causing the upset.

We may construct a nutritional advice plan including dietary and lifestyle choices. It is likely this will include exercise and other forms of holistic treatment which are part of your pillars of health. Our aim is to decrease stress and restore harmony in emotions. Similarly we want to increase healing, immunity, energy and vitality. In contrast you may be surprised that some lifestyle choices are not serving you well due to old learned patterns. Please come prepared to learn noteworthy techniques to enhance your lifestyle.


Julia Brown is an amazing Naturopath & Massage therapist who has helped me to manage my stress levels and memory. She is very knowledgeable in her field plus a caring individual by nature, when meeting with Julia you can see her passion for health and enthusiasm for life. I have no hesitations in recommending her.

Natalie Jones

Hi Julia, I won’t be needing your assistance anymore. But I wanted to say a HUGE thank you for everything you have helped me with in regards to my stomach issues. You helped me to figure out an issue that had been hurting and bringing me down for years so all I can say is thank you, thank you for opening my eyes to see that it’s good to take care of your body because you will see results. I am in a much better head space that I have been in years because I no longer have to deal with pain every day. I wish you all the best. Thanks.

Ella B.

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Naturopathy services

Initial Consultation | $150

This is where you tell me about yourself and we do some in house testing, like pH and Live Blood Analysis.

From the information gathered from you and your signs and symptoms we will work out a plan together, to start the healing process in alignment with your goals. We may discuss any test results you have gathered from your Doctor and if any further tests are needed. Pathology testing sent off-site is priced by the specific tests required.

Time : Up to 1.5 hrs

(Any additional supplementation is extra)

Follow Up Consultation | $105

Assess your progress and fine tune your program. Testing on pH and LBA may be checked.

Time: 1hr
If a shorter time is taken you will be charged accordingly.
Any additional supplementation is extra

Gift Vouchers

A unique gift that can be tailored to suit your special requirements. Call me to find out more.

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Cancellation Policy: Once your appointment is made, it is expected that you will arrive on time and in good hygiene, adhering to COVID-19 protocol. 24 hours notice is required to change or cancel, unless there are extenuating circumstances. If you fail to attend you will be asked to pay the full consult fee.